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March 20, 2023

Urgency Tag, New Payment Frequencies, & Order Management Updates

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Show Urgency for Expiring Discounts

For Discount Codes with an expiration, an Urgency Tag will show on the checkout when certain parameters are met, to help boost conversions.
Learn more about how to Auto-Expire a Discount Code and Show Urgency

New Frequencies for Subscriptions and Payment Plans

In scenarios when charging monthly doesn’t quite fit your needs, Payment Plans and Subscriptions now have a frequency option for “Every 4 Weeks“.
Additionally, Spiffy Business accounts now have a “Custom” payment frequency option for super flexible billing capability.
Learn more about Creating Subscriptions

New Order Button Added to Customer Record

You can now more easily charge a card on file for an existing customer directly from their customer record, using the New Order button.
Learn more about processing internal orders

Bulk Import for Options

Available for Spiffy Business accounts only

When adding options to your checkout, it’s now easier to display a long list of selections for your customers to choose from. Use our Bulk Import feature to add multiple selections to your checkout at once.
Learn more about Options and Bulk Imports

Adjust Affiliate Commission on Refunds

For refunds on orders with affiliate commission, Spiffy automatically applies an adjustment for earned commissions. This makes tracking and managing your affiliate programs a breeze.
Learn more about Affiliate Order Management

Payment Plan Enhancements in Stripe

Payments in Stripe now display the checkout’s offer name, making it easy to identify and manage your payment plans.

Google Address Integration

Use Google Address to enable Google Maps Autocomplete on your checkouts.

By default, all Spiffy accounts have this functionality automatically integrated up to a certain number of orders per month. Use this integration for a high volume of orders and to assist your buyers in entering their information faster.
Learn more about Google Address integration settings

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