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Manual orders (Internal Checkouts)

With our internal checkouts, you will be able to quickly take and place orders for your customers over the phone or email, or place orders for customers that have purchased with you in the past.

Spiffy’s internal checkouts are actually just the same checkouts that you have already created in Spiffy, the only difference is that you will access them via the New Order option in your Spiffy Dashboard’s Sales tab.

When using the internal checkout view to place an order, you will have the option to search for an existing contact, and Spiffy will automatically pull in all of their information from a previous order. If your customer has paid via credit card before select an existing payment method to use for the manual order.

A Few Things to note:
  • When selecting a checkout to use for a manual order, you will be able to select any of the active checkouts that you have created, as well as deactivated checkouts. This can come in handy if you need to create a checkout specifically for internal use, as you can have it set to Deactivated so that it can never be accessed via a public link
  • If you have set up Purchase and Add-on automation actions on the checkout, these actions will run accordingly, when you place a manual order via the internal checkout view
  • Stored payment methods for existing customers will ONLY include credit card payment types. This will not work with PayPal as this requires the customer to log-in to PayPal. If the customer needs to pay with PayPal, the best option would be to have them visit a standard checkout
  • One-Click Upsell pages that you may have on your checkouts are NOT included in the Internal Checkout/Manual Order process. If you need to include additional items on a manual order for a customer, it would be best to create a checkout specifically for internal use, that includes the additional line items