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Offer Title & Description

During initial checkout creation, you are prompted to enter an offer title, add a description, and an optional offer image.

If you need to change these settings or add them later in your process, this can all be done from within the checkout editor.

Hover over and click on the order summary to open the Order Details settings popup.

The Order Summary settings are where you can modify existing line items, add new line items, and edit your Offer Details by clicking on the Offer Details tab. at the top of the window.

In the Offer Details tab, you can modify the offer title, offer description, and offer image for the checkout. On the right, you will see a quick preview of what the settings look like as you edit the offer text and image.

There is also the option to customize how the Order Details and line items display by default on the checkout.

Be sure to Publish the checkout to enable any changes on your live checkout.