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Design Settings

Getting your checkout to match your brand is very important, and with the Spiffy Checkout Editor, you have the option to change the colors of a wide range of elements on the checkout.

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From the Design tab in the Spiffy Checkout Editor, you will be able to set an automatic brand color, or fine-tune a wide range of colors, via the advanced color settings.

Quick Branding Colors

Our Brand color picker is the easiest way to change the default colors to your own brand colors. We automatically change colors based on your branding color to ensure everything looks great.

Custom Branding Colors

If the Brand color alone doesn’t give enough control, open up Advanced Color Settings and change individual colors based on your own branding needs. Fine-tune specific colors, including the color of the place order button.

Add your own content to checkouts by clicking on any of the content areas in the checkout editor.

Custom CSS

Every checkout has the ability to add custom CSS. See our custom CSS documentation here.