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How to Test My Checkout / Run a Test Transaction

Stripe doesn’t allow for the use of test cards, so it will require testing your Checkouts and Flows using a live order.

The best way to test is to adjust your pricing down to $1 for each offer and run a live test.

Remember! After you’re done testing, be sure to change all of your prices back to the intended price and publish your changes.

Setting this ‘low-dollar’ test allows you to test a LIVE transaction so that you can check that any automation is set up, as well as see how the transaction will look in Spiffy & Stripe.

This also helps with any refunds you may be issuing yourself, as Stripe still charges their processing fees, and with a low-dollar transaction, those fees will be a much smaller amount than if you were to test a full-price transaction.

Stripe requires a transaction to be at least $1.00, so when setting up your test, be sure to charge at least $1 for each offer you are testing in your Checkout Flow (eg. Main offer, Addon Offers, Upsell Offers,)

We recommend using Discounts (Promo codes) to bring the price of your main offer to $1, and manually adjusting the price of any Add-ons and One-Click Upsells down to $1.00 too if needed.
Learn more about Discounts.

NOTE: Orders can not be deleted from Spiffy, so be sure to account for your test orders when viewing any reporting