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Intro to Automations

One of the most powerful aspects of the Spiffy Checkouts platform is the ability to automatically trigger actions in other software.

We call these type of integration actions, “Automations”.

Automations can be triggered by various different checkout actions and billing events – from account-level billing-related events, down to events on specific subscriptions, and even specific actions taken by a customer on a specific checkout.

Automations can be found throughout your Spiffy app, providing a wide range of functionality that can be set up to both create a tailored customer experience and streamline internal processes.

There are 3 major categories of Automations at your fingertips. Each category has multiple types of automations.

Table of Contents

Purchase Automations

There are a variety of different types of purchase events and purchase interactions that you can set up to trigger integration actions in other software in your marketing stack.

The different types of Purchase Events are:

  • Checkout Success (Shown in video above)
  • Upsell / Upgrade Taken
  • Specific Addon Offer Bump Taken
  • Specific Option Selected at Checkout
  • Specific Promo Code Used

These Purchase Events allow you to trigger actions in our direct integrations like adding tags in your CRM or granting access to an online course. The capabilities are really endless here because we also provide the ability for you to create your own Custom Webhooks, or create Zapier Webhooks, so you can pass data to any other software, even if we don’t have a direct integration with the tools you are using.

Learn more about Checkout-level Purchase Automations →

Need to apply generic integration actions to all customers who make a purchase?
(eg: adding all customers to a “Customers” list, adding a “Customers” tag, triggering a webhook to pass sales data to another app for custom analytics, or any other action that you want to run anytime a customer buys.) Use the account-level Purchase automation.

Learn more about Account-Level Automations→

Billing Automations

If you are selling products or services using subscriptions or payment plans, Billing Automation is a feature set within your Spiffy app that is very important to understand. Setting up a couple of basic Automations around billing-related events will save you a lot of time and money.

Billing Automations are account-level (Global) billing-related events triggers that make it possible to automate follow-up for things like: Failed Payments & Expired Cards. These billing events make it possible to automatically prevent and recoup failed payments by triggering follow-up campaigns that you set up in your CRM/Marketing Automation tool. In those follow-up emails, you will prompt customers to update their billing information via a link to the Customer Portal.

There are 17 different account-level Billing Automation triggers at your fingertips.

The most common billing events to set up follow-up campaigns for are: Failed Payment, Credit Card Expiring Soon, Expired Credit Card, and Card Updated.

Click here to learn more about Billing Automations →

Subscription Automations

Similar to Billing Automations at the account level, Subscription Automation enables you to set up tailored billing event actions on specific Subscriptions for different billing events and subscription management events.

Subscription Automations can be used to tailor billing follow-up for a specific subscription plan, and run actions in integrated apps like automatically revoking access to an online course when a specific subscription plan is canceled. Subscription Automation events are setup on Subscription Groups.

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