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Collect recurring payments using subscriptions on your checkout.

Subscription blocks let you add recurring payment options to your checkouts. You can easily let customers choose between different subscription levels or billing frequencies (eg, monthly or annual).

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Table of Contents

Add a Subscription

Subscriptions are added to your checkout as a block which makes it easy to offer multiple options for customers to choose between if needed. To add a subscription, while editing a checkout click Add Section in the editor canvas which will open the Settings panel for your new subscription block.

  1. Click Add Section in the editor canvas
  2. Select Subscriptions
  3. Add 1 or more subscription options in the Settings panel

Enable a trial period

In the Settings panel of your subscription block, you can add a trial to each of your subscription options individually.

Offer multiple options

Let customers choose between monthly and annual or silver and gold levels. To enable multiple subscription options edit your Subscription block, in the Settings panel click Add Option and set it up just as you did your first subscription option.

Pro Tip: By using a Radio Option block to add subscriptions options to your checkout you have more button layouts to choose from.

Add automation

On all option-based blocks, you’re able to set up automations to run when a customer selects the option —for example, you can add different tags in your CRM, based on what Susbcription plan (option) they choose at the time of Checkout.

Open the block Settings panel, click into the Option Manager, and then use the quick add menu on any of the options and select Add Automation.

Need an end date?

Subscriptions are meant to be indefinite recurring payments. Adding a forced end date to subscriptions would artificially inflate your churn and retention analytics which is why we introduced Payment Plans. Payment Plans are a way to offer financing options to customers with a set number of payments.

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