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Connecting Infusionsoft (Keap Max Classic)

Spiffy lets you connect your Infusionsoft account to sync your customer information as well as Sales data

This integration is for the Keap’s “Keap Max Classic” product, formerly known as “Infusiosnoft”. If you are on a different version of Keap, please see our standard Keap integration.

Here’s a rundown of the powerful features you will have available:

  • Customer Information Sync – Basic customer info will automatically sync to Infusionsoft
  • Order Information Sync – If enabled, Spiffy can sync orders & payments to order records in Infusionsoft
  • Field Mapping / Custom Fields – You can map and sync fields in Spiffy to custom fields in Infusionsoft
  • Checkout & Billing Automation – Set up automation triggers for checkouts, upsells, billing and more, applying tags or triggering campaigns in Infusionsoft
  1. To get started, just click on your Spiffy profile icon and select Integrations
  1. Find and select Infusionsoft from the list of available integrations
  1. Click Connect Infusionsoft in the popup to be redirected to Infusionsoft’s Account Central.
  1. Select your Infusionsoft application from the dropdown and authorize the connection to Spiffy. Click Allow
  1. You will be redirected back to Spiffy when the connection is made. At this point, any orders placed will automatically sync basic customer information (Name, Email, Address) to your Infusionsoft account.
  1. If you would like Spiffy to automatically sync new orders and payments to Infusionsoft, just click the Enable Sales Sync toggle.

(Optional) Enable Affiliate Tracking– Spiffy does offer a solution to use Infusionsoft’s affiliate tracking, but there are many limitations with Infusionsoft’s API that make this more of a solution for the very simplistic affiliate tracking. We recommend looking into one of our other affiliate tracking integrations for more flexible affiliate programs.

Field Mapping – Clicking this button will show you ALL of the basic fields that Spiffy will automatically sync to Infusionsoft. You will also be able to create new mappings, if you are planning on using custom fields on your checkouts.

  1. Once you have connected your Infusionsoft account, just click Save Settings

Spiffy also offers Automations that you can set for any purchase, billing and subscriptions – you can automate actions in connected apps/integrations like Infusionsoft.