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Zapier Webhooks Overview

Zapier Webhooks sound a lot more intimidating than they actually are…

Creating a Zapier Webhook only takes a couple clicks!

A Zapier Webhook is how Spiffy sends customer data to any 3rd party tool that you want to connect with Spiffy.

To setup any integration with Spiffy, you will follow these steps to create a webhook:

  1. Start creating a Zap within your Zapier account by clicking the orange “Make a Zap” button at the top of your account.
  2. Select “Webhook” as the Trigger (first step) of the Zap.
  3. Select “Catch Hook”.
  4. Click “Continue” until Zapier provides the Webhook URL
  5. Copy your Webhook URL from Zapier (We will add this to Spiffy’s Order Form Integration Actions)
  6. Within your Spiffy account, create a new order form or edit an existing order form. 
  7. When editing your Spiffy order form, click on the “Integrations” tab, and click Add an Action
  8. Select Zapier as the Action that you want to set up.
  9. Paste your Zapier Webhook URL into the Webhook URL field in Spiffy.
  10. In Spiffy, after you’ve pasted your Webhook URL, click Send a Test
  11. Go back over to Zapier, and click “Ok I’ve Done This”. You should then automatically see a page with a section labeled “Hook A” or something similar.
  12. Click on “Hook A” and a window should open up where you will see a test contact record coming from Spiffy.
  13. Congrats! The Webhook side of the equation is complete, and you’re off to setup the 2nd half of the zap with whatever tool you are sending information to.