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Connections & Logic

With Checkout Flows, you can set up dynamic checkout experiences, based on how your customer interacts with your checkout. This includes the ability to show different upsells based off of your customer selecting a specific option on the checkout, like an offer bump, a radio/checkbox or dropdown option, Monthly/Annual subscription, and more.

When you enter the Spiffy Flow Editor, you will see a default connection, connecting your Checkout to a Thank-You Page. You will be able to drag the page cards (like the Thank-You Page) to other columns, to make room for Upsells.

Set up your flows to work left to right, forward-only, you will be able to set up and connect multiple next steps (Upsells) and use conditions to direct your customer through a custom flow, based on how they interact with your Checkout or Upsells.

You will even have the ability to set up and connect multiple Thank-You pages, opening up the ability to show custom Thank-You pages, based on how your customer interacted with your Checkout or Upsells.

Managing Connections

  1. To begin connecting the steps in your checkout flow, hover over a page card and click on the Plus + button on the right.
  2. This will enable Connection mode, where you will see that all the other supported page cards ahead of the selected page card will have a Plus + button appear on the left.
  3. Click on a Plus + button on the left of any available page card to create a flow connection. You will see a line connecting the previously selected step to this next flow step.
  4. You can sever a connection to the next step by clicking on a page card and deleting any conditions associated with the connected next step.

Adding / Removing Logic

  • All connections must contain a ‘No Logic Applies’ ‘Unconditional’. When setting up additional conditions, this ‘Unconditional’ will most commonly be at the bottom of the list.
  • When setting up multiple conditions/connections on a page card, you will have the ability to drag and reorder the condition priority.
  • When multiple logic conditions/connections are present on a page card, the priority will be from top to bottom, meaning the first condition from the top that is met will dictate which step/page your customer would see next.
  • When multiple logic conditions/ connections are present on a page card, any grayed-out conditions will not be met.
  • All connections will contain ‘No Logic Applies’ ‘Unconditional’. Any conditions you set up will most commonly need to be above this condition.
  1. To add logic to a connection, click on the page card to start. From here, you will see all the current connections you have set up.
  2. On the list of conditions, click on the ‘No Logic Applies’ condition for the page you are wanting to set a condition.
  3. Click Add Condition.
  4. Select a condition option from the dropdown. This will be broken down into a few categories:
    • Customer – Basic Customer Fields (Name, Email). Custom Fields, Repeat Customer?
    • Order Items and Properties – Checkout Items/Options, Order Date
    • Order – Billing/Shipping Address
  5. Set up your selected condition.
  6. Once configured, be sure to hit the Save button.