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Gateways will automatically be enabled on your checkout according to the gateways you have connected to your account.

Sometimes you may need to manage specific checkouts that only include one gateway.


  • A Stripe-only Checkout (PayPal disabled) for checkouts selling Subscriptions (Recommended)
  • A PayPal-only Checkout to send to international customers who prefer to pay via PayPal

With our simple gateway settings in the checkout editor, you can easily enable/disable your connected gateways as payment options on individual checkouts.

Pro Tip: On checkouts that you sell Subscriptions, disable PayPal. Direct people to purchase subscriptions with a Credit Card. This will increase subscriber retention because you’re able to leverage Stripe’s auto-update technology to automatically prevent failed payments.

To manage gateways on a specific checkout, navigate to the Settings tab in the Visual Editor.

Click on a gateway option to disable/enable it.

You can also set one of your gateways to be the Default selected option by clicking the radio button located at the top left of the gateway.

If you notice that more customers purchase using a particular gateway, you can set it as the default option for your checkout.

As always, be sure to re-publish your checkout to have any changes take effect.