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Subscription Resumed

The Subscription Resumed event triggers if your customer cancels their subscription through the Customer Portal, and while they are still in their “Canceling” grace-period status, they decide to resume their subscription.

The Subscription Resumed status reactivates the subscription and recurring billing.

Your customer can only resume their subscription during the “Canceling Grace Period”.
Once the subscription is fully “Canceled” the customer will not be able to resume the subscription and they will need to re-purchase as a new customer, or you will need to manually resume the fully canceled subscription through the subscription record in your Spiffy account.

For example:
If your customer’s monthly billing date is the 15th of the month, and they cancel their subscription via the Customer Portal on August 5th, the account will be in the “Canceling Grace Period” through August 15th (the end of their current billing period). Their subscription will not renew on August 15th, and their account will then automatically move to a “Canceled” status.

The Subscription Resumed Event is most commonly used to trigger an internal notification, and stop any automation that may have been triggered when the subscription was in the ‘Cancelling/canceled’ status. It’s common for this event to trigger a single customer email, confirming that their subscription has resumed and that recurring billing will continue on their normal billing schedule. This trigger may also be used to remove any ‘cancellation’ tags/lists and reapply any ‘active subscription’ tags/lists as needed for your workflows.