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Recovering Payment Failures

Recovering failed payments is an important part of any business that deals in Subscriptions or Payment Plans. Spiffy comes equipped with a few different methods for recovering payments, from automatic solutions to manual solutions.

Automatic Retries

When a Subscription or Payment Plan payment fails, the payment will automatically reattempt the charge 3 additional times over the period of about 2 weeks.

  • Stripe Subscription Auto Retries – Based on your Stripe auto-retry settings
  • Stripe Payment Plan Auto Retries – Will auto-retry on a 1, 3 & 5-day schedule
  • PayPal Subscription & Payment Plan Auto Retries – Will auto-retry on a 1, 3 & 5-day schedule

Failed Payment Emails / Card Update Auto-Retry Settings

Spiffy has the option for you to enable automatic failed payment emails to be sent to your customer upon payment failure. These emails will contain a link for your customer to update their card on file. You can also enable emails to be sent to your customer to update Expiring/Expired credit cards.

Additionally, you also have a couple of account settings to handle auto-retry behavior upon card update (By the customer, or when a team member updates the card in Spiffy.)

Failed Payment Emails

Enable Customer Emails for Failed Payments or Expiring/Expired cards.

Navigate to Account Settings > Notifications. Enable any notifications you might need.

Auto-Retry Settings

To enable auto-retries when a card is updated by the customer or a team member.

Navigate to Account Settings > Automation. Enable any settings you might need. When enabled, Spiffy will automatically reattempt to charge the past due balance within 30 minutes.

Manually Retrying a Payment in Customer’s Record

Need to retry a failed payment? You can easily accomplish this from the Payments section of your customer’s record. See our Retry Failed Payment documentation.