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Quickly access and manage all of your customer’s Subscriptions, Payment Plans & Orders.

To access a customer’s record, use the Search Bar and start typing their name in. When you see the customer profile in the results, click to access their record.

When viewing a Customer Record, You will be able to quickly see some basic stats and information about your customer, as well as their subscriptions, payment plans, and orders.

On every Customer Record you’ll find:

  • Basic Customer Stats – This section contains your customers names, as well as a timestamp of when their record was created. You will see stats for the number of orders they have placed, their lifetime value, the number of active subscriptions and payment plans, as well as an indicator that will show the number of any subscriptions they may have missed a payment on.
  • Basic Customer Information – This section contains the customer’s email address, as well as the last 4 of the card that they currently have on file. *Note: Billing Information (Addresses) can be found from within the individual ‘Order Records’ for your customer.
  • Subscriptions – This section contains your customer’s subscriptions. You can toggle between ‘Active / All’. Clicking on a subscription will redirect you to their Subscription Record, where you will be able to manage things like refunds, canceling, pausing payments
  • Payment Plans – This section contains your customers Payment Plans. You can toggle between ‘Active / All’. Clicking on a Payment Plan will redirect you to their Payment Plan Record, where you will be able to manage things like status, next bill date, and refunds
  • Orders – This section contains a collection of all orders that have been placed by your customer. Clicking on this will allow you to manage things like refunds. You can also access any Subscription or Payment Plan Records from within the order record
  • New Order Button – Charge a card on file for an existing customer by creating an internal order. Learn more about Internal Checkouts

IMPORTANT: If you modify a customer’s email address from within the Spiffy Customer Record, you will need to manually change the email address to match in ALL connected systems (Stripe, CRMs like ActiveCampaign/Keap etc)