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Subscription Canceling

The Subscription Canceling event triggers if your customer cancels their own subscription from within their Customer Portal, or if you cancel their subscription manually from a customer’s Order Record within Spiffy and select Cancel at End of Billing Cycle.

The Subscription Canceling status turns off the auto-charge for the next payment, keeping the subscription in an active grace-period status through the end of the current billing cycle. Once the end of the billing cycle is reached, the subscription will be moved to Canceled status, and trigger the Subscription Canceled billing automation triggers.

The Subscription Canceling event is most commonly used to trigger internal notifications of customers who are canceling so you can attempt to save the customer. It’s also common for this event to trigger a single customer email, confirming that they will not be charged again.

To cancel a subscription immediately, you will need to manually cancel the subscription through your Spiffy account. Navigate to the subscription record, click cancel, and select the Immediate option. This will skip the “Canceling” status, and move the subscription to the fully “Canceled” status.

Here’s more information on How to Cancel a Subscription from the order record.