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An overview of blocks. The foundation of a perfect checkout.

Blocks are the most powerful element of a checkout in Spiffy. By adding blocks you can extend what your checkout can do—payment plans, subscriptions, options, inputs, modify price, and much more.

Table of Contents

Add a block

You can add a block to your checkout by clicking Add Block anywhere in the editor canvas where you’d like the block the be added. Most blocks can only be added to Sections but some can be added outside of Sections.

Option Blocks

Option blocks let the customer choose between multiple options. Selections can be saved to a field, trigger automations, and even modify the checkout price.

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Input Blocks

Input blocks add fields to your checkout to collect extra information from customers. They have built-in validation and special features depending on the type of input added.

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Edit a block

To edit a block just click on it and the Setting panel will slide out. When you’re done editing just click save at the top of the panel.

You can also reorder and move blocks by just clicking and dragging.

Block Layouts

Layouts let you change how a block looks. Only some blocks have different Layouts that you can select in the block Setting panel.

Most blocks also have Width Options for changing how wide it is. This lets you organize blocks side-by-side rather than full-width.