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Subscription Automation

The same integrations you can run for Account-Level Billing Automation, and Checkout-Level Purchase Automations, you can also run for subscription-specific events on specific subscription plans.

The way we organize subscriptions are: Subscription Products, Subscription Groups, and Subscription Plans.

Subscription Plans are what you typically think of when you think of a subscription, it’s the amount of money and the amount of time between each payment.

Groups are commonly used in a tier-based pricing model, typically seen when selling products or services that have different levels, with different features, for example: Gold, Siver, Bronze – or – Basic, Premium, Pro.

Plans vs. Groups

Groups are where the Subscription Automation settings are. So even if you don’t have a tier-based pricing model, you will still need to create a Subscription Group, and add your Subscription Plans to that group in order to add Subscription Automation to your plans.

If you don’t have tier-based pricing, this is the best way to think about Plans vs. Groups:

  • Subscription Plans are just the price point and frequency of payments for a Subscription Product.
  • Subscription Groups are simply buckets, or categorizations, of plans.

All the Subscription Automation functionality is under the settings icon on your Subscription Groups.

Even if your pricing model doesn’t use “tiers”, you can still create a Group, add Plans to the Group, and set up subscription-specific integration actions that will trigger for all Plans in that Group.

NOTE: Account-level and checkout-level automations will still run too. Use a combination of all three automation types to create the desired customer experience.

If you have multiple plans, and you don’t need different automation or follow-up based on what plan they are subscribed to, you can set up a single Group, add all plans to that Group, and set up subscription automations that will apply to all plans in that Group.

If you have multiple plans and you DO want to set up a different follow-up, or processes, based on what plan they are subscribed to, you can set up multiple Groups, add a single plan to each Group, and set up different integration actions for each Subscription Group.

Subscription Automation Events

Subscription Automation Events available to setup Integration Actions when they occur:

  • Payment Failed
  • Subscription Started
  • Subscription Unpaid
  • Subscription Canceling
  • Subscription Resumed
  • Subscription Canceled
  • Subscription Swapped
  • Upcoming Subscription End of Trial
  • Subscription Payment
  • Upcoming Subscription Payment

You do not need to set up Integration Actions for all of these events. You can even decide to run all your billing automation at the account-level, and leave Subscription Automations unused too. These are just tools in your tool belt to create the perfect customer experience and/or internal process for your business.

How to Set Up Subscription Automations

  1. Click on the Group Settings (Gear Icon)
  2. Click Add Automation
  3. Select the Event you want to set up an Integration Action for
  4. Select the Integration you want to trigger an Action in
  5. Select the Action you want
  6. Configure your Action
  7. Click “Finished” to save