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Creating Subscriptions

Spiffy makes it easy to charge subscriptions, manage subscriptions, and trigger automations based on a variety of subscription purchase and billing events.

We’re going to cover all the basics, from creating your first subscription products and plans, to setting up subscription-specific billing automation triggers.

Table of Contents

Subscription Structure

The structure of Subscriptions in Spiffy is:
Subscription Product > Subscription Groups (Optional) > Subscription Plans

  • Subscription Product – This can have multiple Subscription Plans, and multiple Subscription Groups.
  • Subscription Groups (Optional)- Groups are a group of plans, that enable you to run specific billing automations for all plans added to that Group. So, even if you don’t have a “tier-based” pricing model or product, you still may want to create Groups (or groups of plans) to get the added functionality of Subscription-specific Billing Automation, for example: Automatically removing access or remove tags for a specific program if a specific subscription cancels.
  • Subscription Plans – Plans are the price point and frequency of payment for a Subscription Product. Example: $50 price point, on a Monthly frequency – or – $500 price point on an Annual frequency; both plans are selling the same product.

Creating Subscriptions

You can create Subscriptions by clicking on Subscriptions in the left navigation menu.

Here’s the best, and fastest way to create subscriptions:

  1. Click on Subscriptions at the left navigation menu.
  2. Click on the Create New Subscription box at the top of the Subscriptions page. Give your subscription product a name, check the boxes if it’s taxable and/or commissionable, and click Create.
  3. You will now be automatically taken to your new Subscription Product’s performance dashboard.
  4. Next, we will need to create a Plan. Scroll down on your Subscription Product Dashboard, and below the main graph, you will see a section labeled Groups & Plans.
  5. Click on the blue button to the right of the Groups & Plans header, labeled Create New Plan.
  6. Set the name of the plan, the amount of each subscription payment, and the frequency of payments.
    Typically the name of the plan is the same as the frequency, but you have the ability to name it something different.


Name: Monthly
Amount: $50
Frequency: Monthly

Here are the payment frequencies available for Subscriptions and Payment Plans:

  • Weekly
  • Every 2 weeks
  • Monthly
  • Every 4 weeks
  • Every 2 months
  • Quarterly
  • Every 4 months
  • Every 6 months
  • Yearly

For Business accounts, Spiffy’s “custom” payment frequency provides super flexible billing options for a wide range of scenarios.

Advanced Setup:
If you want to add subscription-specific Billing Automation, you will want to get acquainted with creating Groups, even if you aren’t using tier-based pricing.

Learn more about setting up Subscription Groups.

You can also create subscriptions on the fly in the Visual Editor using the Subscription element. However, it’s much easier to create and manage your subscriptions from the account-level subscriptions page in your account, here.

Add Subscriptions to a Checkout

Subscriptions are added to your checkout as a block which makes it easy to offer multiple options for customers to choose between if needed.

Read our Subscription Element documentation.

Managing Subscriptions

Manage subscriptions via subscription records. Features include change billing date, upgrade/downgrade, refunds, and more.

Read our Subscription Management documentation.

Subscription Automations

Set up various purchase and billing automations on your subscription plans using Groups.

Read our Subscription Automation documentation.