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Order Records

Order Records show details about your customer’s order, as well as make it easy to manually send receipts, and process full or partial refunds.

Order Records can be easily located from a Customer Record.

Search for your customer, open their Customer Record and click on the order below the Orders section.

Here what information you will find on an Order Record:

  • Checkout – You can see what Checkout the purchase took place on.
  • Customer Information – You can see what information was entered at the time of purchase, like billing and shipping address.
  • Payments – This will show each payment that has been made on the order. You can click the settings icon on any payment to see options to send receipts or issue a refund.
  • Order Details – Simple order summary of the customer’s order
  • Subscriptions / Payment Plans – If you offer either of these, they will display here. Clicking on one will redirect you to the Subscription or Payment Plan record for management.