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Hot Swap Overview – Streamlined Credit Card Update Follow Up

We’ve created a streamlined “update card on file” feature, for subscriptions and payment plans.

This allows your customers to update their card on file, without having to login to a customer portal. When they click the “Hot Swap” URL, the only thing they will be able to do is enter a new credit card number. They will not be able to see any other information about their subscription (invoices, cancel, etc.)

Sending the Hot Swap URL to a custom field in your CRM via webhooks (Zapier or Custom Webhooks) is a great way to be able to send ‘update card’ emails out of your own system. Using the webhook to store the Hot Swap URL in a custom field in your CRM will allow you to easily merge the url into an automated email.

Spiffy’s Hot Swap URL webhook feature is available on the following Spiffy Billing Automation events:

This tutorial is a further optimization to use with our Billing Automation settings.


This setup uses a unique one-click login link that expires after it is clicked. You will create an email with a link to “update billing information”. When they click that link they will be automatically logged-in to a streamlined version of the secure update billing customer portal, where the only thing they see will be a field to “add a new card on file”.

This is meant to be a super slick, quick way for your customers to update their card on file. 

If you want your customer to see all of the information for their subscription, download their invoices, and have the option to cancel their subscription, you would not want to use a “Hot Swap” URL. 

For full access to the customer portal, you will want to use the main customer portal URL in all of your follow up emails.


  • CRM / Marketing Automation Tool
  • Zapier Account or another Custom Webhook solution
  • Custom Field Setup for “Hot Swap” URL
  • Ability to merge the Hot Swap custom field into an email

Steps (Zapier):

  1. Create Custom Field in Your CRM Called “Hot Swap URL” (Not shown below in tutorial)
  2. Create a Zap in Zapier that starts with a Webhook URL
  3. Connect your Webhook to the Failed Payment Billing Automaiton event trigger in Spiffy Billing Automation settings
  4. Test Webhook connection
  5. Finalize Zap by connecting the Webhook trigger to map the Hot Swap URL to the custom field in your CRM (ActiveCampaign used as example below)
  6. Publish Zapier
  7. Use your Hot Swap URL custom field merge field in your follow up emails, so that your billing automation follow up emails link to the Hot Swap URL