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Affiliate Registration

Spiffy offers a simple Affiliate Registration page where you can automate the signup process.

Configure a few settings so the registration is specific to your Affiliate Program, and share the Affiliate Registration page with your community so they can register for your program.

In your Affiliate Settings, you are able to set a default program, so all affiliates are added to a commission program automatically when they signup.

Table of Contents

Enabling Affiliate Registration

In your Affiliate settings, you’ll see an Affiliate Registration URL that you can share with your community.

Click on your Spiffy Profile Icon, and select Settings. From here, click on the Affiliates section.

Click the toggle to enable Affiliate Registration, this will allow you to see your Affiliate Registration Link which can be shared with others.

Personalize Your Registration

These items will create a more personalized affiliate registration process. 

All of this can be done by clicking on your Spiffy Profile Icon > Settings > Affiliates section. 

  • Customize the Registration Form Header & Description
  • Adding a Terms URL for the required Terms and Conditions checkbox
  • Enable an automatic Welcome Email upon registration
  • Create Default Affiliate Programs

Make sure to SAVE once you’ve configured your Spiffy Affiliate Registration.

The Welcome Email will contain a magic link for your new affiliate to log into their affiliate portal to obtain any available affiliate links. 

Affiliates will automatically be added to all Default Programs once an affiliate completes their registration.

Have an approval process?

If your affiliate program has an application and approval process, don’t set a Default Program. You can always manually add an affiliate to a Program later.

Learn more about manually adding affiliates to programs.