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Subscription Payment Failed

The “Subscription Failed Payment” event triggers anytime any Subscription payment fails. This event will NOT trigger by failed payment plan payments.

The Subscription Failed Payment event trigger will run in conjunction with what you have set up for the global Failed Payment trigger – integration actions that you have set up for both events will run.

The purpose of this billing automation event trigger is to give you the flexibility to create different follow-up processes for payment plans/accounts receivables vs. subscriptions.

There are 3 different levels of billing automation event triggers available for Subscriptions:

  1. General Failed Payment Event (Billing Automation Settings)
    This will trigger for all failed payments. Both ALL subscriptions and ALL payment plans
  2. Subscription Failed Payment Events (Billing Automation Settings)
    This will trigger for failed payments only on ALL Subscriptions
  3. Subscription Group-Based Events (Subscription Group Settings)
    This will trigger for failed payments on specific subscription plans – More Info

Note: If you setup integration events for all three, ALL events will run.

Be sure to think through your customer experience and use the appropriate combination of triggers to start the follow up experience that you want to facilitate.

If you want all failed payments (both subscriptions and payment plans) to go through the same follow-up process, you can just use the Failed Payment event trigger, and you can skip using this Subscription Failed Payment event trigger.

Most people will want this event to trigger a unique follow-up sequence in their CRM / Marketing Automation tool to follow up with their customers on subscriptions, and prompt them to update their cards on file.

Be sure to include a link to your Customer Portal in your follow-up emails. 

Click here to learn more about how your customers can update their credit card with your Customer Portal.