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Affiliate Order Management

With Affiliate Order Management, you can make changes to a specific order after it’s already been processed. 

  • Adding an Affiliate to the order if one does not exist
  • Changing the Affiliate associated with the order
  • Changing the Affiliate Program for the Affiliate associated with the order
  • Clawback Commission on Refunds

Table of Contents

Adding an Affiliate to an order

With Spiffy you can add an affiliate to an order after it’s been processed. This will calculate any unpaid commission on the order for all enabled items, and credit the commission amount to the selected affiliate. 

  1. Navigate to an order record, click Add Affiliate in the top right
  2. Select an Affiliate Program (only the affiliate programs linked with this checkout will display)
  3. Choose the Affiliate you would like to add to the order
  4. Click Review Changes, showing the commission that will be credited to the selected affiliate once you save


Not able to select a program or affiliate on an existing order?
Check your Affiliate Program settings, and audit the program’s assigned Checkouts and Subscription Plans. Be sure the Checkout the order was created through is added to the program, and, if you’re selling a subscription, that BOTH the Checkout and Subscription Plan are assigned to the program.
Learn more about Affiliate Program Setup.

Changing an Affiliate and/or Affiliate Program on an order

You can retroactively change the Affiliate and/or Affiliate Program associated with an order. 

  • Changing the Affiliate – all unpaid commissions earned for an order will be moved to the new affiliate and removed from the previous affiliate
  • Changing the Affiliate Program – all unpaid earned commissions will stay credited to the existing affiliate but show under the new program 

Note: Any PAID commission will NOT be recalculated. PAID commissions will never transfer.

  1. Sales dropdown > Orders
  2. Select Order you wish to make changes to
  3. Click the (…) on the Order details page
  4. Select Update Affiliate/Program
  5. Change the Program and/or Affiliate > Review Changes
  6. Review the changes you just requested & unpaid pending commission that will be moved to your selection 
  7. Click SAVE to confirm the change is made & unpaid commission is moved

Removing an Affiliate on an order

  1. Sales dropdown > Orders
  2. Select Order you wish to make changes to
  3. Click the (…) on order details page 
  4. Click Remove Affiliate option
  5. Select Remove button
  6. Affiliate will no longer show on the order and unpaid commission will be removed from the affiliate’s balance

You can always go back and add the same affiliate or different back to the order.  Any unpaid commissions will assign to that new affiliate selection.

Manual Commission Adjustment to an Affiliate

Manual Adjustments allow you to modify your Affiliate’s current unpaid Commission by adding or subtracting a certain amount. 

  1. In the left navigation, select Affiliates > Affiliates
  2. Click on the Affiliate you need to add an adjustment for
  3. Click Add Adjustment
  4. Select from Add Commission or Subtract Commission
  5. Input amount along with a description for future reference 
  6. Select from the Affiliate Program the adjustment is related to
  7. Click Adjust Commission

Any adjustment will show on the Affiliate’s Commission Payout report

Affiliate Order Management really enhances the way you can support your Affiliates and make changes within your program on the fly.

If you have questions on how to make commission adjustments to specific Affiliate Programs read our documentation on Affiliate Program Setup for more details.

Adjusting Affiliate Commission on Refunds

When refunding an order or a payment, you can choose to clawback commission. This option is turned on by default. If you do not want to clawback commission, select the Adjust Affiliate Commission toggle button and turn it off.

Note: After a commission adjustment has been made through a refund, the ‘Earned on order‘ amount shown on the order will not change. However, navigating to the affiliate’s profile will reflect the adjustment and show the correct pending amount to be paid out.

If you have questions on how to process a refund for orders or payments, read our documentation on Refunds for more details.