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How Tracking Works

Spiffy’s affiliate tracking is cookie-based but uses a variety of cutting-edge methods to keep tracking reliable and flexible.

When affiliate links are clicked by your prospect, we cookie their device on both our domain as well as the domain that your link redirects to, this ensures we have first-party tracking data available in both places. This setup is still prone to breakage if you’re using multiple websites with different domains in your promotion (more on that below).

SpiffyJS uses a proprietary method for making cookies available to cross-origin, third-party embeds and we are the only checkout tool on the market able to do this.

You can find your SpiffyJS code at the bottom of your account-level settings.

Affiliate Tracking is Last Touch Attribution, meaning the affiliate driving the sale conversion will get credit for the commission.

Learn more about setting up your Affiliate Programs.

Tracking on Embedded Checkouts

Cross-domain Tracking

Spiffy supports cross-domain tracking via hosted checkouts only.

If you’re unable to keep your promotion on a single domain, don’t use embedded checkouts. Simply use the Spiffy-hosted checkout and add SpiffyJS to your website pages to ensure affiliates track flawlessly.

Cross-device Tracking

Tracking users across devices is notoriously unreliable but you do have a couple things you can do to help improve cross-device accuracy:

  1. Urge affiliates to add the customer’s email to their affiliate links with:
  2. Capture affiliate tracking data early on in your promotion as a fallback (requires custom code)

Add Email to Link

This email is fully anonymized and used as a fallback match for orders that come in with missing affiliate data. If a user clicks an affiliate link that includes email and then subsequently purchases from a different device but the same email the order will be properly tracked back to the referring affiliate.

Capture Affiliate Tracking Early (advanced)

If affiliates are driving traffic to lead capture forms or opt-ins in your promotion you can use custom code to collect affiliate tracking data from the URL and pass into your lead-capture form via hidden fields. This can later be trued up as a fallback after your promotion before doing payouts.

The standard cookie-based tracking caveats still apply here

  • If the prospect clears their cookies, tracking is gone until another link is clicked
  • Multiple devices used will track separate sessions/clicks (if they click an affiliate link) and the session that is used to checkout will pass tracking info
  • If the prospect’s browser is set to block cookies entirely no tracking will work