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Fast Start

Here’s how to get your account set up to take your first payment, fast.

  1. Connect Your Stripe Account
  2. Connect Your CRM & Integrations (Optional)
  3. Create Your First Checkout
  4. Publish & Send Link

Connect Your Stripe Account

In the Account Creation onboarding process when you purchase Spiffy, we prompt you to connect your Stripe and PayPal accounts, so you’ve most likely already completed this step.

If you still need to connect Stripe, or switch the Stripe account that you’ve already connected, you will do that under the Settings page under your main settings dropdown.

Click on your icon at the top right of your Spiffy Dashboard, and click on Settings. You will see Payment Gateway settings at the top of the Settings page.

Click here for quick access to your Settings page.

Connect Your CRM & Integrations (Optional)

If you are using a CRM like ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, Keap, or Mailchimp, you will want to get that connected, so your customer information and sales data gets stored in your CRM, and you can set up a welcome email to send.

Connect your CRM & other integrations from the Integration Settings page in your account. To get to the integrations settings, click on the main icon dropdown at the top right of your Spiffy Dashboard, and click on Integrations.

If you’re using other software that we don’t currently have a direct integration with, you can still connect Spiffy with thousands of other apps, via our Zapier Webhooks integration.

Create Your First Checkout

  1. Navigate to the Checkouts tab in the top navigation.
  2. Click in the area with the label Create New Checkout.

You will start in our checkout creation flow that will prompt you to enter a few pieces of essential information to get a basic checkout created.

Learn more about each step in the checkout creation process.

Once you complete the checkout creation flow, you’ll see a page with a couple of buttons that prompt you to view your basic checkout or enter the Spiffy Checkouts Visual Editor to add other elements to your checkout.

Learn more about how to use the Visual Editor to create your perfect checkout.

At the top right of the Spiffy Checkouts Editor, you will see an orange publish button. This will publish what you’ve created in the editor as a live Checkout.

When you click Publish, a window will appear on the screen with the Checkout URL link that you can send directly to a customer or client, or link to from your website. You will also have an opportunity to access the embed codes to install the checkout in any popular website builder that accepts custom code.

Learn more about embedding checkouts.

Other Settings to Update and Adjust

This article is meant to help you get your first checkout up and running quickly to accept payment as fast as possible.

Once you have some time to dig into your account setup, there are a few places that you will want to update and adjust settings.