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One-Click Upgrade (Subscriptions)

One-Click Upgrades are upgraded offers to your subscription plan, presented to your customer after the initial checkout. One-Click Upgrades are similar to One-Click Upsells, but the difference is, that a One-Click Upgrade gives you the option to offer your customer a chance to upgrade the subscription that they purchased on your main checkout offer.

To set up a Subscription Upgrade, you will need to be offering a Subscription on your base checkout, then, you will be able to add an Upsell for a different plan, and configure the upsell to be an ‘Upgrade’ for the original subscription plan e.g Offering an upgrade straight to an annual plan, after a customer has purchased a monthly plan. 

A Few Things to Note:
  • When setting up a One-Click Upgrade, the first step is to select the subscription plan you would like to offer the upgrade on (i.e, when a customer chooses this plan they will be offered the One-Click Upgrade). E.g selecting the monthly plan for the One-Click Upgrade to offer the yearly plan after the initial checkout.
  • When a One-Click Upgrade is present on the checkout, Spiffy will still run any automation that you have set up for the initial purchase. If the One-Click Upgrade is accepted, any automation configured for it will also run, so be sure to set up your automation in your connected system to accommodate this.
  • When a One-Click Upgrade is present on the checkout, Spiffy will delay the subscription payment for the initial purchase. If the upgrade is accepted, the customer will be charged the amount for the upgraded subscription, and not the initial subscription price. If the customer declines the upgrade, they will be charged the price of the initial subscription. If the customer abandons the upgrade page, Spiffy will charge the amount from the initial subscription purchase within 6 hours.
  • Any Discount/Promo code used on the main checkout will not reflect on the upgrade option as discounts do not apply to upsells/upgrades.

Setting up a Subscription One-Click Upgrade

To get started, be sure that you are offering a ‘Subscription’ on your main checkout, and then create/navigate to an ‘Upsell’ page in the editor.

  1. From the Upsell page editor, hover over the page and click Edit Block to open the Upsell settings sidebar.
  2. In the sidebar Product Settings click Subscription Options and select the subscription you would like to offer as your upgrade.
  3. Next, you will need to associate the upgrade with your Subscription offer from your main checkout. In the Upsell sidebar, scroll down until you see an option labeled ‘Subscription Upgrade’.
  4. Click Enable and select the plan from your main checkout that an upgrade should be offered for. Your customer will ONLY be presented this upgrade offer if they purchase the selected ‘Subscription’ on the initial checkout.
  5. From here, you can modify the content of the page, like a standard upsell. You can also add a Trial period or Automation to the upgrade offer.
  6. Once configured, be sure to click Save at the top of the Upsell Sidebar and when you are ready, Publish the checkout.