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Line Items

Line Items set the price on your checkout and show itemized prices in order summaries.

Items are how you represent what a customer is buying on your checkout in the order summary. Spiffy is built to be product-agnostic so you can sell anything on any checkout and use automation to fulfill the order in any connected integration.

Items also give you the flexibility to apply different calculations to specific items and not others, eg. sales tax calculation, affiliate commissions, discounts, and financing/payment plans.

Add an Item

You can add an Item by clicking the Order Summary on the right side of the editor canvas and then clicking Add Item.

Note: Subscription or payment plan pricing is added via blocks.

Sales Tax on Items

You can set individual items as Taxable so they’re included in any sales tax calculations. Open Summary Settings, click the action menu on the item, and then click Taxable.

For sales tax to calculate you need to enable it in your Account Settings

Learn more about setting up Sales Tax

Affiliate Commissions on Items

If you’re using our affiliate tracking programs or an affiliate integration, you will also need to select which items should be included in affiliate commission calculations.

This line-item level setting makes it possible to generate commissions only on certain line items and not others. Eg. Pay affiliate commissions on sales of the main online course offer, but not addon services or upsell offers.

Open Summary Settings, click the action menu on an item, and then click Commission to activate commission calculation.

Learn more about Affiliate Tracking setup.