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Rewardful Integration Overview

Introducing Spiffy’s direct Rewardful integration. Rewardful lets you set up quick and simple affiliate programs, letting your affiliates help you drive traffic and make more sales, and generate commissions for their work!

NOTE: You will need to have a Rewardful account to use this integration. If you do not have a Rewardful account yet, Click Here for more information and pricing.

IMPORTANT : Rewardful only tracks orders placed through Stripe. Rewardful does not currently support tracking orders that are placed via PayPal.

Rewardful works by the use of affiliate tracking links, and connecting with Stripe to track additional metadata that is stored in Stripe order records.

Spiffy provides a simple ‘No Code / No Developer’ integration with Rewardful. To get started, you will just need to provide your ‘Rewardful API Key’ and Spiffy will automatically do all the heavy lifting of installing Rewardful’s code on all of your Spiffy checkout pages.

This quick overview will show you how to get Spiffy connected with Rewardful.

Getting Connected

First, you will need to log into your Rewardful account and obtain your Rewardful API Key. Just head to your account to obtain it (

  • From the Spiffy Dashboard, click on the Profile icon and select Integrations
  • From the list of available integrations, select Rewardful
  • Just enter the Rewardful API Key you obtained earlier, and click Connect Rewardful

You’re all set! Spiffy will automatically install the Rewardful tracking code on ALL of your checkouts, and will be able to start passing the necessary metadata to Stripe.

Any further configuration will need to be done from within your Rewardful account