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Integrating with Infusionsoft’s Affiliate System

Spiffy now has affiliate tracking built in
For the most reliable affiliate tracking we suggest using our native affiliate system

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Spiffy’s integration with Infusionsoft can partially tap into Infusionsoft’s native referral tracking

IMPORTANT: Infusionsoft’s API for their affiliate program has a few limitations and certain functionality that will not be available:

  1. Infusionsoft will not automatically set an existing affiliate that may already be tied to a contact in their Referral History, as the referral on an order.
  2. Affiliates will not see orders record in their Infusionsoft Referral Partner Portal ‘Orders’ stat, as Infusionsoft only recognizes orders placed on Infusionsoft order for this stat

A small change to your ‘Referral Tracking Link’ URL is needed so Spiffy can pass tracking info back to Infusionsoft. In your Infusionsoft Tracking Link settings, you will need to start every URL with the following:

  1. Replace {APPNAME} with YOUR Infusionsoft application name
  2. Place your URL that you are wanting to drive traffic to at the end of this URL after the equal sign

Add SpiffyJS to your pages

In order for tracking to work properly you will need to make sure that SpiffyJS is added to your pages.

Get your SpiffyJS code