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Affiliate Program Setup

Anything you need to know about setting up your Spiffy Affiliate Program can be found here! We are going to walk you through how to get your first program going, setting commissions, assigning checkouts, adding affiliate links, and most importantly, adding affiliates!

Table of Contents

Create an Affiliate Program

Everything starts from your Spiffy left navigation menu.

  1. Click Affiliates > Programs
  2. Click Create New Affiliate Program
  3. Set a Program Name, and set default commissions for Standard and Subscription Items
  4. Add a Description (optional) to your affiliate program that will show in your affiliate portal
  5. Add Affiliate Resources link (optional) that will show in your affiliate portal (Learn more about adding Affiliate Resources)
  6. Click Add New to create the new Affiliate Program

Next, you’ll want to run through how to set up your new Affiliate Program to be ready to start tracking and generating commissions.

Affiliate Program Setup

Now that you’ve created your Affiliate Program, there are a couple of steps that you will need to take in order for commissions to be generated:

  1. Assign Checkouts and Subscription Plans to your Affiliate Program
  2. Set individual Checkout items to Commissionable from within the Checkouts Editor.
  3. Create tracking links
  4. Add SpiffyJS to all your website pages – eg. opt-in, sales page, homepage, etc.

Commissions will only be generated for sales made on Checkouts assigned to the Program, and for line items marked as commissionable. Subscriptions are automatically marked as commissionable when added to the Affiliate Program.

NOTE: Commissions will only be generated for sales made on checkouts assigned to the Program, and only calculated for line items marked as commissionable on each checkout.
Subscriptions are automatically marked as commissionable when added to the Affiliate Program.

Assign Checkouts

To generate commissions on one-time payments and payment plans, you will need to assign the Checkout to the Affiliate Program. Checkouts can be assigned to multiple Affiliate Programs.

How to Assign Checkouts

From your Spiffy left navigation menu, select Affiliates > Programs, then select the Affiliate Program you wish to complete. 

  1. Click the Assign Checkout button 
  2. Select one or multiple Checkouts from the dropdown to include as part of your Affiliate Program and click SAVE.

Once you’ve added Checkouts to your Program, commissions will start to track and generate on all line items designated as commissionable.

Next Step: Mark specific items on your checkout as Commissionable.

Assign Subscription Plans

To generate commissions on subscription sales, you’ll need to add both the Subscription Plan and the Checkout that plan is being sold on to the Affiliate Program. Subscription Plans can be assigned to multiple Affiliate Programs.

How to Assign Subscription Plans

  1. From your Affiliate Programs page, click on a Program to edit
  2. Click the Assign Subscription Plan button and select all plans you want to add from the dropdown
  3. Click Save

Make Checkout Items Commissionable

Commissions will only be paid on items marked as commissionable.

This gives you the flexibility to track and pay commissions on certain items and not others on the Checkout.

For example:
You can pay commissions on sales of the main offer, but not pay commissions on the checkbox addon, or post-purchase one-click upsells in the Flow.

Item’s on a checkout not marked as commissionable will not track and generate commissions.

Checkout Items to mark as Commissionable in the Checkouts Editor:

  • Line Items
  • Options 
  • Addons
  • Upsells

Note: Subscription Plans are automatically marked as commissionable when the plans are assigned to your Affiliate Program.

Payment Plan Commissions:
Commissions are calculated on the base line item amount. By default, commissions are not paid on finance fees. If you want commission to be paid on finance fees, use the Track Affiliate Commission checkbox on the payment plan in the checkout editor.

Commission Payouts are calculated on cash collected as payments are made.

Set Checkout Line Items as Commissionable

  1. Open the Checkout Editor to edit an existing checkout
  2. Click on the order summary on the right to Edit Order Summary
  3. Click the three dots (…) settings icon next to the edit pencil and select the Affiliate Commission option from the line item settings dropdown
  4. Do this for each item on your checkout and in your upsell flow you want to pay commissions on
  5. Make sure to Publish your checkout to save all changes

Make Upsell Items Commissionable

If you have any upsells that need to have commissions enabled, you can enable this from the Upsell editor of the checkout

Be sure that you have followed the steps to assign Checkouts & Subscription Plans to your Affiliate Program, and mark items as commissionable. Commissions will only be tracked for assigned checkouts and subscriptions, and items on checkouts marked as commissionable.

How to determine if Checkout Items are set to Commissionable?

The easiest way to see if your checkout items and subscriptions are set to commissionable is to click on the Order Summary in the Checkouts Editor. You will see a list of all your Checkout items.

All commissionable items will show a moneybag icon to the right. (See screenshot below)

When creating a trackable link, enter the URL for the webpage that you want your affiliates to promote. This is usually a sales page, landing page, or the homepage of your website.

Spiffy will automatically generate unique tracking links for all of your affiliates. Each affiliate can access their unique tracking links by logging into their Affiliate Portal.

How to create an Affiliate Tracking Link:
From your Spiffy left navigation menu, select Affiliates > Programs, then select the Affiliate Program you wish to work on.

  • Click on Add Link, give your link a Name, and enter a URL that you would like the link to drive traffic to
  • This URL can be a page on your website, an opt-in page, a page where Spiffy is embedded, or a link to your Spiffy Checkout URL if you are using Spiffy’s hosted checkout. Learn more about tracking.
  • For Business accounts, you can click Customize Link to customize the link slug
  • Enable the Show in Portal feature to give your Affiliates access to their unique tracking links from within the Affiliate Portal

You can also access your Affiliates’ tracking links within Spiffy, by selecting the Affiliate’s record.

For affiliate links that are redirecting to your website or sales page, Spiffy will pull in the metadata set up for your website, when that link is shared on social or via text.

Adding Affiliates

  • To add affiliates manually, start by clicking the Add Affiliate button
  • Choose Add A New Affiliate -or- Add An Existing Affiliate, if you happen to already have some registered affiliates in Spiffy

You can also enable Spiffy’s Affiliate Registration in your account settings, and add a single Affiliate Program as a Default Program. Learn More →

For Business accounts only

When adding or editing an affiliate, you can click Customize Affiliate Link to customize the link slug for your affiliate using their name, etc

Note: Editing an affiliate’s link slug will change all their links immediately and existing links will no longer work.

Commission Overrides

During the initial setup of your Affiliate Program, you enter a Commission % for Checkouts & Subscription Plans, but you can also set up individual overrides for ANY of the assigned Checkouts or Subscription Plans.

Commission Overrides give you the flexibility to pay out higher or lower percentages on specific Checkouts or Subscription Plans.

Click on ANY assigned Checkout or Subscription Plan and enter an override Commission %. The Subscription Plan override allows you to change the commission % along with the duration. 

Visit your Affiliate Settings by clicking on Affiliates > Settings to select your Global Tracking Conversion Window. You can choose between 30/60/90 days. (30 Days is the default setting.)

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