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FirstPromoter Integration Overview

Spiffy now directly integrates with FirstPromoter as one of our options for affiliate programs. You will be able to connect your FirstPromoter account using your FirstPrmoter Account ID & API key. You will then be able to create “Campaigns” in your FirstPromoter account, using Spiffy checkout URLs, and add your affiliates to these Campaigns.

Table of Contents

Install FirstPromoter’s Tracking Code on ALL of your site pages

If you are using embedded checkouts, or directing traffic to a sales page on your site that has redirects, you will want to ensure that you install tracking code from FirstPromoter on all of your site’s pages. This will ensure that FirstPromoter can create tracking cookies for your visitors who come via referral traffic.

Head to your FirstPromoter account, click on ‘Settings’ and click the ‘Integrations’ tab. Then, click on the ‘Setup Instructions and Testing‘ button

Grab the code from the section labeled ‘Adding the main tracking script‘. If you have already set up your first promoter integration, just click the ‘Go Back’ button until you reach this section, and can copy the code.

Copy the ‘Main Tracking Script’ and paste it on ALL pages of your site. This will ensure that FirstPromoter can create the tracking cookie, when referral traffic comes to your site. If this code is missing from a page that a referral visits, this could cause a disconnect in tracking, meaning your affiliate will not get credit for a sale

Connecting your FirstPromoter account to Spiffy

You will need to have your FirstPromoter ‘Account ID’ and ‘API Key’ from your Settings>Integrations in FirstPromoter. Head to your FirstPromoter account, click on ‘Settings’ and click on the ‘Integrations’ tab to obtain this information.

Next, we will head over to Spiffy to connect the FirstPromoter Integration with this information.

In Spiffy, click on Settings in the bottom right menu, and select Integrations.

Find and click on FirstPromoter from the list of available integrations

Enter your FirstPromoter Account ID and API Key that you obtained from your FirstPromoter account settings.

Click Connect FirstPromoter. You should see a confirmation at the top of the page, letting you know that FirstPromoter has been successfully connected.

Install SpiffyJS code on ALL site pages

Whenever you publish a checkout, we provide you a snippet of code to install on ALL of your site pages. This is the same code for ANY checkout, so if you have installed this on your site before, you are all set.

If you have not installed the SpiffyJS code snippet on your site pages, just grab it from ANY checkout’s ‘Embed Code’ section.

Installing this code will make sure that Spiffy can pass along the information that FirstPromoter uses for tracking affiliate traffic.

Intro to setting offers to be ‘Commissionable’

After you have connected the FirstPromoter integration, you will need to mark offers as ‘Commissionable’ to give your affiliates commissions when purchases are made.

Take note of the next two sections of this article, as you will need to set any ‘Subscriptions’ to commissionable from Subscriptions in the left navigation menu. All other standard ‘Single Pay’ offers / add-ons and upsells will need to be marked as commissionable from within your Spiffy Checkout Editor.

Setting Subscriptions to ‘Commissionable’

Subscriptions will need to be marked as ‘Commissionable’ from within Subscriptions in the left navigation menu. Once done, any checkout that contains a plan for this subscription will track commissions, if you have set up a campaign for the checkout in FirstPromoter

Start by clicking on the Subscriptions in the left navigation menu, and selecting one of your subscriptions.

Click on the Subscription’s Settings and tick the ‘Enable Affiliate Commissions?‘ box

Click Save. Once done, all plans for this subscription will have commissions enabled, and any checkout that contains plans for this subscription will track commissions in your FirstPromoter campaign.

Setting ALL other single pay Offers, Add-Ons and Upsells to ‘Commisionable’ in Checkout Editor

Standard Offers & Addons:

You can set your checkout offer and any add-ons to track commissions by clicking on the ‘Order Summary’ in the checkout editor.

In the ‘Order Summary’, your checkout line items and any add-ons will have an Options ‘. . .’ button. Click this for all applicable line items and select ‘Affiliates’ to enable commissions for the item

One Click Upsell Offers:

Enabling commissions for your One-Click Upsell offers will be handled from within the actual upsell, and not in the order summary.

Navigate to your upsell, and open it’s Product Settings. From here, just tick the ‘Enable Affiliate Commissions?‘ box.

Be sure to ‘Save’ and ‘Publish’ to have the changes take effect!