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How to offer a lifetime option with subscriptions

You want to offer a monthly, annual, and lifetime deal on your checkout for one of your subscription offers? We’ve got you covered!

Instead of using the “Subscriptions” element in the Spiffy Visual Editor, you will want to use the Options element, and add price modifiers to each of the options.

Price modifiers on Options can either be subscriptions or one-time payments.

For the typical use case, where you only want customers to choose monthly, or annual, or lifetime, you will want to setup these options as Radio Buttons so that only one option will be able to be selected from the set of options.

Here are the steps to setup a Lifetime one-time payment with your subscription options:

  1. Hover between two sections on your checkout and select Add Section
  2. Select Options from the list of elements
  3. Select Radio Buttons from the list of option types.
  4. Edit the Options – change the label names and select one option by default
  5. Add price modifiers to each option

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to set this up.