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Card Expiring

The Card Expiring event will trigger two (2) months, or 60 days, before the month their credit card expires.

This event is most commonly used to trigger a courtesy reminder campaign that proactively reminds customers to update their billing information. This helps proactively prevent failed payments.

Most people set up this event to trigger a series of follow-up emails sent from their CRM / Marketing Automation tool to let their customers know they will need to update their card on file. In those emails, be sure to include a link to your Customer Portal, where your customers can securely update their info. 

Click here to learn more about how your customers can update their credit card with your Customer Portal.

Make Sure to Adjust Your Stripe Settings

If you are using this Billing Automation event, be sure to check your Stripe settings and make sure that the setting for Send Emails About Upcoming Renewals is turned off.

Logged into your Stripe account? Click here to view these settings.