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Purchase Automations

You can trigger integration actions based on successful purchase events on a specific checkout, and based on how a customer interacts with options, upsells, addons, and promo codes in a checkout flow.

Purchase Automations are most commonly used to trigger customer welcome emails, or customer onboarding workflows in your CRM/Marketing Automation software.

The most common Purchase Integration Action is applying a tag(s), or starting an Automations/Campaigns/Workflows in ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, or Keap.

Table of Contents

Checkout Success Event

You can set up Checkout Success integration actions for each checkout. On each checkout, you can set up specific checkout-level automations that will trigger when a successful purchase is made – regardless of what options are selected.


If they buy from this checkout, trigger these actions in my integrations. You can set up multiple integration actions to run based on a successful purchase event.

  1. In the Checkouts Editor, click on the “Automations” tab on the far left.
  2. Click on the blue “Add Action” button at the right of the canvas
  3. Click on “Purchase
  4. Choose the Integration you want to use to set up an Action
  5. Setup the Action

Pro Tip: Need to apply generic integration actions to all customers who make a purchase? Save time with Spiffy’s account-level Purchase automation so you don’t have to setup general actions on every checkout.

Purchase Any Upsell

This event is triggered when ANY Upsell is purchased in a Flow. This is primarily used for webhooks and syncing sales data. It’s a best practice to setup specific automation for each Upsell offer in the Upsell settings.

Actions setup here for the Purchase Any Upsell event will not trigger for Options and Addons on the Checkout. Add specific automations for Upsells, Addons, and Options, in the settings for each of those elements. Learn more below.

Upsell/Upgrade Taken Event

If you have one, or multiple, one-click upsells setup on your checkout, you can set up integration actions to trigger when a customer purchases an Upsell, adding a specific Upsell offer to their order.

  1. From the Flows tab, open the Page Editor for your Upsell step
  2. Edit your Upsell settings. Click on your Upsell content in the canvas to open the content settings
  3. Click on Add Automation
  4. Select your integration
  5. Select your desired action(s)

Addon Offer-bump Taken

You can set up specific integration actions to trigger when someone adds an Addon Offer Bump to their order. This level of purchase automations makes it possible to tailor your customer welcome sequence and product fulfillment based on whether your new customer took the Addon offer or not.

If they add the Addon Offer Bump, trigger these actions in my integrations.

Option Selected

Setup specific integration actions to trigger when a specific option is selected at checkout.

Option Types:

  • Subscription Options
  • Payment Plans
  • Checkboxes
  • Radio Buttons
  • Dropdown Selector

Option Purchase Automations make it possible to trigger integration actions and tailor product fulfillment and customer welcome messages based on what options they selected at checkout.

The most common use cases for integration actions are based on what the customer selects:

  • Monthly vs. Annual Subscriptions
  • 1-Pay vs. 3-Pay Payment Plans
  • Product Options: General Admission vs. Premium vs. VIP seating

The most common integration action for Option Selected Automations is adding a tag in your CRM/Marketing Automation software. Tags can help with reporting, segmentation, or product fulfillment.

EX: If the customer selects the “Monthly Subscription” at checkout, trigger an integration action to add a “Monthly” tag to their contact record in my CRM when the purchase is made.

There are a lot of creative ways to use Option Selected Automations to streamline the customer experience, product fulfillment, and internal reporting and stats.

Specific Promo Code Applied

When setting up a new promo code, or editing an existing promo code, you have the ability to add Integration Actions that are triggered when a purchase is made with that specific promo code.