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Payment Plans

Offer financing options to let customers split up a purchase into multiple payments.

Payment plans let you offer financing on your more expensive checkouts, seamlessly charge a finance fee, and collect deposits. You’re able to offer these options alongside a pay-in-full option or right on their own.

Table of Contents

Add a payment plan

  1. Click Add Section in the editor canvas
  2. Select Payment Plans
  3. Select which Items should be included in your payment plan
  4. Setup 1 or more payment plan options

Payment plans are very flexible with what items are included or not and are dynamic if you have options on your checkout that change its price.

Pro Tip: If you want to ONLY offer your payment plan, you can delete all other payment plan options and your checkout will default to your payment plan

Add a finance fee

Finance fees let you charge extra for the financing and make your payments nice round numbers (eg, $195 vs. $194.86). To add or edit a finance fee, open the Settings panel for your payment plan block, select the option you want to add a fee to, and then click Add Fee.

Rounding payments

Since payment plans use percentage-based finance fees it can be hard to get your payment amounts to be round numbers. However, we pre-round to frequently used numbers and show them just below the finance fee field. You can select one of those options and the finance fee will update with the correct exact percentage.

Hiding finance fee

You can hide the finance fee by checking the box just below the finance fee settings. This can be confusing for customers unless you’re offering a pay-in-full option and position it as a discount. We typically don’t recommend using this setting unless in very specific situations.

Track affiliate commission on finance fee

If you have an Affiliate Program and want to include finance fees in commissions calculations, simply use the ‘Track affiliate commission’ check box. By default this setting is turned off, so commissions will only be calculated for the base line item amount on the payment plan.

Collect a deposit

Payment plans are typically multiple payments of equal amounts but with Deposits, you’re able to collect a different amount for the first payment. This is great for project retainers and other services with rigid payment timelines.

  1. Edit your payment plan block
  2. Click into the option you’d like a Deposit on
  3. Click Add Deposit and enter an amount

Pro Tip: You can add a deposit to a full-pay payment plan to charge a small project retainer and then the remainder 30 days later

Add automation

On all option-based blocks, you’re able to set up automations to run when a customer selects your addon—for example, add the customer to a course, add a tag in your CRM, or start an email sequence.

Open the block Settings panel and then use the quick add menu on any of the options and click Add Automation.

Payment plans vs. Subscriptions

Payment PlanSubscription
Set number of paymentsAn indefinite number of payments
Considered accounts receivableConsidered future cashflow
Customers unable to cancelCustomers can self-cancel
Dynamically calculated finance feesFixed subscription amount
Cant have trialsCan have trials
Can have a depositCan have a startup fee
More flexible management featuresMore rigid management features