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New Affiliate

The New Affiliate event will trigger integration actions you setup when a new affiliate signs up through the Affiliate Registration page, or is added manually.

The same integration actions you can run on Checkout Automations, and Billing Automations, you can run on a successful New Affiliate Registration too.

If you have a direct CRM integration connected, when a new affiliate signs up a new contact will automatically be created. If you want to run other actions in your CRM, or actions in another integration, you would set up those integration actions here on the New Affiliate event.


Common uses of the New Affiliate Automation Event:

  • Starting Affiliate Welcome / Onboarding email campaign
  • Granting access to an affiliate training online course
  • Setting up a Zapier webhook to send affiliate details to a spreadsheet

How to setup integration actions on the New Affiliate event

You will setup your New Affiliate integration actions at your account-level automation settings.

View Your Account-Level Automation Settings.

  1. From your Dashboard, open your main settings dropdown under your icon at the top right
  2. Select Automations
  3. Click Add Action at the top right
  4. Scroll down a few options, and select New Affiliate
  5. Select an integration you want to setup an action for.
  6. Select the action you want to trigger in the integration.
  7. Configure action settings
  8. Click Finish.