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Send Sales Data to Infusionsoft & Keap (Sales Sync)

From your Infusionsoft or Keap Integration settings in Spiffy, you can enable Sales Sync. Just click on your Spiffy profile icon, select ‘Integrations‘ and click on your Infusionsoft or Keap integration. Here, you will find the option to ‘Enable Sales Sync

Once Sales Sync is enabled, Spiffy will sync checkout products over to Infusionsoft or Keap when an order is placed on the checkout.

A Few Things to Note:

– Sales Sync will create order records in Infusionsoft or Keap and mark them as paid. These orders will NOT include any credit card data, as this is securely handled by Stripe.


– If an order is placed with a ‘Payment Plan’ the record in Infusionsoft or Keap will show as partially paid, but the future payments for the payment plan will record right in the same order record.


– When Sales Sync is enabled, Spiffy will automatically create products in your Infusionsoft ‘Products’ page when a Spiffy checkout is created and published. You may notice that the products that Spiffy sends over are created at a $0.00 price point. You will NOT need to modify these products in Infuisionsoft, as the orders that sync over will reflect the price that you are charging on your Spiffy Checkout.


– Please note that any adjustments/refunds to orders placed on Spiffy Checkouts will need to be addressed from within Spiffy, and manually recorded in Infusionsoft or Keap.